Goal: Proffer was created out of a need to further reinvent the real estate business with a peer-to-peer model allowing the user to make an offer on any property

Problem: Currently, there is no way to make an offer on any property in the U.S. that is not listed. 

Solution: To create a native application that allows real estate buyers and sellers to communicate directly, or with an agent.




We met with the stakeholders to discover their ideas and gain an understanding of process and features.

We created a survey which resulted in the following findings:

  1. Most respondents began their search on the internet followed by driving through neighborhoods

  2. Biggest challenges in finding and closing on a property:

a) filling out paperwork

b) understanding the process

c) negotiating/closing the deal

3. Realtors not really necessary anymore


Using competitive analysis, surveys, google analytics and phone interviews we looked at what makes Proffer unique along with finding out key differentiators, audience behavior and consumption habits

Screenshot 2019-05-30 18.26.11.png


We determined through our research that there were actually 4 different personas that would use this site

4 different unique personas

4 different unique personas


Desktop Homepage (1).png
Mobile Homepage (1).png

Hi Fi Screens for Prototype





branding and style guide

We provided the client with colors and type guides as well as alternate logos for different business sectors

Advertising and Promotion