About me.

After graduating from Cornell University with a degree in Design and Environmental Analysis, I embarked on a long and winding road of a career in various industries always heading up the Creative Department. From CBS Software to Conair Corporation, Modern Bride Magazine to Actmedia, and many smaller companies along the way, I have left no design discipline unturned. From package design to logos, sales presentations to trade shows, advertising to merchandising, I know how to translate marketing and client vision into solid design solutions.

In 2015 I continued my love of learning and enrolled in a 10 week, 600 hour course in the field of UX Design. From user and stakeholder research to sketching, wireframing and user testing, all the way to prototyping, I have used my skills on a wide variety of products and businesses. As a UX Strategist I currently work on agile teams to synthesize business, technology and user requirements into designs that delight the user.